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Why your support matters

The Holst Singers is a registered charity, committed to choral excellence and introducing new audiences to choral music. As part of this, we perform a wide range of activities, including:

  • giving ground-breaking performances;

  • recording projects;

  • commissioning new music;

  • touring, both in the UK and internationally.


Running a choir like The Holst Singers costs more than we can raise from ticket sales alone; even a sold-out concert may not cover costs. Financial support from our friends and supporters will play an essential role in enabling the choir to continue to make music of the highest standards and build an exciting future.

Getting involved

Thank you!

We want to say a heartfelt thank you from Stephen Layton and all the singers for helping to transform our future plans into a reality. We all have a commitment to producing the finest choral music, which moves and inspires, and sharing this widely. Your contributions will help us continue our work. Unless you wish to remain anonymous, the names of all our Friends will appear on our website with our thanks.

Support the choir

If you would like to donate to the choir please either contact us or click the donate button below.

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